could You use an unbiased consultant for Everyday life?

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor eager to help those who want to challenge their beliefs of yesterday and seek to discover and define their values to live a most fulfilled and authentic life today.

Sometimes, beliefs are placed on us by others (parents, families, bosses, etc.) or those beliefs are shaped by our experiences  (trauma, addiction, work).  This may or may not be aligned with our chosen values, or we may not even know our values and beliefs. 

Fulfillment and happiness take time: but it shouldn't take forever.  By discovering our belief systems and defining our values, we can begin to take steps towards a more authentic version of our true self.



In order to get where we want to go, we must first look at where we have been and how that has led to where we are.  Reserving judgement and remaining curious are paramount to progress, as is a willingness to engage in change that, at times, may be a little uncomfortable.  A willing ear, a charming lap dog and a sense of humor are invaluable assets to have along the way. 


Clients who have an expressed desire to understand the origin of their beliefs have the best results.  We will work to decide if you agree with these existing beliefs, and leave behind those that no longer serve you.  Together, we will incorporate changes that help shape new, congruent ideals that set you on a path to your most fulfilled and best self. 

Individuals who value my services most can be described as high achievers who struggle with anxiety or feelings of inadequacy, individuals who find themselves in codependent relationships, victims of abusive relationships, and those recovering from substance misuse and struggling to fully thrive in their new sobriety.