Do you do initial phone consultations?  YES!  In fact, I prefer them prior to our first live session.  While we can’t assess a complete fit over the phone, we can usually gather enough information to decide to move forward with an individual session. 

Do you accept insurance?  At this time, I do not accept insurance; however, I can provide the information necessary for you to complete your insurance company's reimbursement form.

Do you see clients evenings and weekends?  Yes!  Although, I have limited availability. 

Is therapy confidential? Absolutely, with a few exceptions noted in my informed consent.  For example, if mandated by a judge.

Do you have any specialized training? Yes. While I find an eclectic approach that is catered to each client is most effective, I have specialized training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), ACT, and Solution-Focused techniques.